Jessica Salaverria was born in Louisiana, Baton Rouge and lived there until she was 2 years old.  After her parents finished their studies in LSU they moved back to Maracaibo, Venezuela.  As a child, her tactile sense quickly developed along with her creativity. She often found herself sitting with her “Abuela” and aunts making art. To them it was just a way of living; to her a joy to her soul. Ceramic figures, piñatas, Christmas decorations and birthday cakes were the first influences to her imagination. Her parents divorced two years after their return to Venezuela.  Her mother remarried a wonderful man who became Salaverria’s father for the rest of her life.  Jessica’s passion began to blossom when the family moved to Argentina in 1999 at the age of fifteen. She started to take art lessons with a struggling artist that lived nearby in a small town called Los Cardales. She once told Jessica that fairies were a force of energy that gave nature its designated colours. Even so, it was hard for Jessica to make a commitment to art during such a transitional period she kept taking weekly classes.


In 2001 they moved to the exotic island of St Croix, USVI. It was during this period that her life as an artist took roots.  The influence of the deep blue ocean surrounding the island and her wonderful mentor Mrs. Phillip Biddle were the inspiration she needed to find her artistic self. After graduating from high school in 2002, Salaverria obtained a scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as a painter in 2007.

Today she devotes most of her time traveling and working with children from around the world inspiring them through art and learning from them. She is a mixed media artist; always experimenting with different materials. She is a big fan of promoting creativity as a symbol of freedom of the soul, in other words she lets her intuition flow and therefore her artwork is limitless.  She is quick to transform a thought from her mind into a visual reality.  She doesn’t have a concept and almost never plans what she is going to paint. Her style varies from whimsical fantasy to narrative illustrations. But there is really no telling what she will do. As an experimental artist, she is always discovering new innovative ways to reinvent herself through creativity.  The concept of her work sort of invents itself as it progresses. It’s after the making of an art piece that the perception develops into an actual belief. “My art is a direct line from my intuition to me.   I feel there are always two Jessica’s the teacher and the student”


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