I started working with Damarys in February 2017.  I loved her the very moment we met.  She is an incredible young woman, very passionate and sweet with a spicy sarcastic sense of humour.  I love it!   We share the same passion for art and adventures.  We used to go out to learn and meet new artists.  Together we were the dynamic duo.  Damarys had a car accident when she was 7 yrs old and suffered a brain injury.  She told me they said she wasn’t going to be able to walk again but  of course! that didn’t stop her.  She is a true warrior.  She did not her situation get on her way!  Today she is  21 years old and uses art to express her feelings.  One day she asked me “How did you get your scars?” and  I responded ” I was in a car wreck when I was 14 and  flew through the windshield from the back seat”  I will never forget that  look she gave me.  It was very deep and in that moment words couldn’t described our connection.  It felt as we were one. Is the knowing one gets from relating that in the end we are al the same.     It was then it hit me that we were  brought together by a higher force.  Connections, we all seek them and life presents them at the right moment for very important reasons weather you believe it or not.  There are signs that guide us through life if you are aware you will see them.  When I say aware I mean in the moment.  We both went though traumatic experiences that have shaped us into who we are.    We are survivors sharing our experiences with the world to empower those that might be suffering.  Art is a great way to heal,  we are all creative beings with incredible capabilities we just have to tap in to it.  After all creativity is the ultimate power we all hold and is through it that we grow and expand.  Unleash  the Art!


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