Inner Flow voice……


As I paint freely obsessing over the beauty of birds.  They signal me with their wings!  Showing me how easy it is to flow with the beautiful air we breath.  Carefully crafted by the amazing universe.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this magical world.  I am alive.  I am  strong.  I love you.  I love them.  I am forever thankful for this blissful delight inside my mind.  Just one look is all it takes.  Look one time within.  I am in too deep.


Sunday FUNday~♡☆

I love working

with DadaABC! Teaching from the comfort of my home is really enjoyable. All the teaching materials are ready and available, the working hours are super flexible. The children are absolutely amazing. Theu seem to enjoy online classes quite a lot! We chat, we draw, we sing, we play all kinds of games – studying like this makes students relaxed and stress-free. I would recommend DaDaABC to everybody that’s looking for something completely new and exciting!