I wanted to work from my laptop and have the flexibility of making my own schedule and have the time to do what I want. After doing some research I found out many companies that hire English native speakers to teach English online to kids in China. I thought perfect! I worked for VIPKID and absolutely loved it. I absolutely recommend working for them. I now work for DaDaABC and its so much fun! Here is the link if you want to check it out!

Teaching English from home is a great way to earn an income. If you are like me and ENJOY being your own boss or maybe looking to make extra money I invite you to check it out! I will post some other links that really helped me decided what was the best option for me. All companies have different requirements so just see what better suits your needs. Good Luck!

This is how some of the classes look so that you get an idea. Also samples of my welcome videos for the some of the companies I work for!

Intro video for Landi English!

Welcome video for DaDaABC!

Welcome video for VIPKID!


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